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Navy Enlisted Family Support

During war or peace enlisted Sailors, their family, and loved ones are exposed to the fast pace of the Navy's commitment to global security. Sometimes things may not go quite as we expected in our daily lives. The Navy is dedicated to helping Sailors and loved ones through tough times and provides support and assistance for many problems that may happen.

This page provides some of the many resources provided for enlisted active duty, reserve and family members. For the most part as a Navy family member, if you need assistance with family related problems, have an emergency or need to contact your spouse; you should contact your ombudsman or spouse's command.

The ombudsman is an intermediary for spouse and family members and the department the member works in. They provide a conduit for communications with family, member, and the commanding officer to help when problems may arrive, for family emergencies and command-sponsored events involving the spouse. Sometimes it can be very difficult to communicate with a member at sea when important family matters happen so the ombudsman may be able to assist. They can also provide other point of contacts and resources to assist the spouse.

Thank you for visiting the Navy family support web page. If you would like to post a comment or question there is a spouse & family category on our Navy Discussion page. Also, thank you for your dedication, support and commitment as a member of the military.

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