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The Navy has modified the way enlisted Sailors advance in rate. Part of the goal is to replenish hard to fill billets, especially at-sea billets. The other goal is to advance Sailors who are committed to the Navy.

Billet based advancements will place the qualified Sailors in billets that have critical gaps at sea. This is a competition based selection whereas the Sailor is competing for a particular job that allows for advancement once the requirements have been met and the Sailor has reached his new destination.

Meritorious Type advancements allow the commanding officer to advance the most talented Sailors in pay-grades E5 and below to the next higher pay-grade. Quotas are allocated to commands based on authorized billets E3 through E5.

Incentive programs inlude priority shore duty placement and monetary compensation while still being eligible for career sea pay (CSP) and sea pay premium (SPP) if eligible.

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