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The rate specific knowledge portion of the Navy advancement exam tests your knowledge of the occupational standards (OCCSTD) for your rate. You must use your bibs to find out what you need to study for your rate. For some rates, getting the material required may be a little more difficult than your PMK-EE material. Please remember that not all material is available online and some may be classified. If it is classified, you may need to study the material at work.

If you have difficulty locating your study material, talk to your supervisor or Chief to get some help. If they have difficulty locating the study material then the best option is to contact the exam writer. Points of contacts for the exam writers are located on the official advancement center web site. They should be able to help since they are the subject matter experts for your rate. Your Career Counselor should be able to contact the exam writer.

Some advancement study material may be available only from a commercial source. If this is the case, and you do not want to purchase the item yourself, see if your command will purchase the material. There may be the case where it already has been purchased so ask around. Make sure it's the latest source and is not obsolete. If your command won't purchase it see if your shop or office is interested in making a group purchase.

As a reminder, you have to study the material that is referenced in the Bibliography for Advancement in Rate. Some references drill it down to the chapter that you need to know. You should become familiar with the manuals and instructions that your Bibs reference because it is related to your occupational rate.

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