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When it is Time to Move

This is where you will find resources related to detailing, relocation assistance, PCS orders, assignments and Career Waypoint. This is not all-inclusive but should get you in the general area for most of these topics. As usual, planning ahead will help tremendously and getting with your chain of command is a must. And don't forget your career counselor who you should contact as soon as possible to help you handle your detailing and assignment issues.

For those with families and also exceptional families, communicating your needs is a priority with your chain of command and detailers. Remember to utilize your Ombudsman and in lieu of that your Command Master Chief if you do not have an Ombudsman. The Navy really does help its own, it is just a matter of communicating your situation. Remember too that moving or making a career change can be stressful on you and your spouse or loved one so keep things in check as you handle your affairs.

Your Navy Enlisted Assignment

Below you will find information on relocating, your PCS orders, assignments and detailing. Additionally there are applicable instructions. They are broken up into their respective categories to make it easier for your assignment and eventual relocation. For those enlisted Sailors, who are seeking a new assignment for the first time, you should become familiar with MyNavy Assignment.

Remember that your most important source of knowledge will be your command career counselor or chain of command. Also, prior to applying for any available assignment, you want to ensure that your qualifications and any documents supporting your experience are in your records and up-to-date.


  • NAVPERS 1300/16 (11-09) Report of Suitability for Overseas Assignment
  • DD Form 1056 - Authorization to Apply for a "No-Fee" Passport and/or Request for Visa

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PCS Orders

Relocation Assistance

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