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This study guide will hopefully assist you in qualifying for this program and acquiring the necessary instructions & information to get started. The Enlisted Expeditionary Warfare designator program was developed for those in the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (COMNAVEXPDCMBTCOM) community. The community consists of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Naval Coastal Warfare, Riverine forces, Combat Camera Atlantic, the Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center, Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support functions and the Seabees.

The Navy created the command in 2006 to integrate the warfighting for expeditionary combat and combat support elements which allowed for standardized training, manning and equipping of sailors in maritime security operations and the global war on terrorism as a joint force.

EXW qualification signifies that a Sailor is operationally competent and has acquired the additional knowledge that enhances the understanding of war fighting, mission effectiveness, and unit survivability.

OPNAV Instruction 1414.9B gives an overview of the warfare qualification process and MILPERSMAN 1220-370 provides information on the EXW program. Commander, Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (COMNAVEXPDCMBTCOM) sponsors the EXW program.

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