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Medical Service Corps In-service Procurement Program (MSC-IPP)

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The Medical Service Corps (MSC) - In-service Procurement Program (IPP) allows active duty Sailors an opportunity to become commissioned as an officer in the medical field. Members must be active duty E-5 to E-9 and meet eligibility requirements as set forth in OPNAVINST 1420.1B (link below).

Members who are chosen are given formal college training in areas such as Health Care Administration (HCA), Physician Assistance (PA), Environmental Health (EHO), Radiation Health (RHO), Industrial Hygiene (IHO), Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy, and Social Work. Once appointed, commissioned officers must incure a minimum 8 year military service obligation with a minimum of 3 years served on active duty.

A brief description of the requirements:

(this is not the detailed official criteria. Please contact the Medicine Professional Development Center for detailed information. Link located below.)

  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Applicants must be commissioned before their 42nd birthday - No Waivers
  • High school transcript is NOT required
  • Applicants must be serving on active duty in the U.S. Navy or U. S. Marine Corps, Marine Corps Reservist serving on active duty and Full Time Support of the Reserve (FTS)
  • Any Rate or Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), in pay grades E-4 through E-9 at the time of the application
  • Have no record of courts-martial convictions or civilian felony convictions
    • Have no conviction by civil court for misdemeanors (except minor traffic violations) during the 3 years preceding application
    • Have no record of driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence of an intoxicant (DUI) within 3 years prior to Fiscal Year (OCT) of the application year. NOTE: Prior service drug use is not an immediate disqualifier, however, any substantiated drug use (a felony conviction or any record of in-service drug abuse, regardless of the date) or alcohol abuse will result in disqualification
  • No failures of the Personal Fitness Assessment (PFA) Test taken within the last 3 consecutive cycles of application deadline. (A failing PFA is disqualifying)
  • Applicant's serving in a limited duty (LIMDU) capacity cannot submit an application until cleared of LIMDU status
  • Meets all requirements as described within each of the MSC sub-specialties
  • All applicants must include their unofficial JST transcript

Instructions/ Checklist


Continuing Education

MSC IPP Address

Inquiries: For information on applications and program changes.

Naval Medical Leader & Professional Development Command
16th Floor
8955 Wood Road
Bethesda, MD 20889-5611
Phone: (301) 319-4520 (DSN 285-4520)
301-295-0925 (DSN 295-0925)
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