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Program Overview

As in the past, the Navy PRT test is a determining factor in your evals. Your fitness doesn't just impact promotions. How you are perceived or will be perceived in the future as a leader may be impacted as well. Overweight and out-of-shape supervisors many times do not command the same respect as a fit Sailor. This perception is not just from the troops the supervisor is in charge of but also up the chain of command.

Another factor is your health. Being fit, especially in the Military, benefits the Sailor even after work. If you are too tired to do things with the family or loved ones after a hard day of work, and it happens often, you may want to start your own PRT program to benefit yourself; now is the time to benefit yourself by getting in shape.

Start Training Early

Starting your PRT training does not require that you do an Olympics style workout. You start easy and keep it that way working to moderate if you can. Consistency is the key in a good physical training program since the majority of people give up before they ever benefited from their workout program. Long-term consistency in any fitness program ensures you keep your heart rate elevated while working your muscles and burning calories.

The Navy PRT Program in your command may help you get started. Talk to your PRT coordinator about joining or starting a program. You may learn some new exercise techniques and methods in reducing or eliminating injuries. Don't forget your nutrition. Poor nutrition can have a negative impact on your health and fitness and can help make your PRT successful.

Test Requirements

The PRT Standards Tables list performance standards from satisfactory to outstanding by age and gender. Tables are listed in Guide 5 page 19. The Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) tables (Table 1,) which list maximum weight and height requirements, is listed on page 14 of Guide 4. And finally, the Percent Body Fat Estimation (Tables 2 and 3) starts on page 15 of Guide 4.

Tips for Success:

  • - Routinely verify PRIMS accurately reflects your performance
  • - Coordinate updates with your Command Fitness Leader

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