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The purpose of the EAWS Study Guide is to help enlisted Sailors become qualified as an enlisted warfare specialist. The first step in qualifying for the EAWS program is to get command approval. Your supervisor will probably direct you to your command's coordinator or Career Counselor. After you have been approved for the Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist program, you will be given the common core and Navy ship, unit or aircraft specific PQS books. The links on this page provide common core and some unit specific study guides needed for your studies.

The next step is to get signatures for both common core and aircraft specific specialties. You may either attend scheduled classes if there are any in your command or get signatures from a qualifier individually. To obtain that signature, you must demonstrate knowledge - and will probably gain additional knowledge, for that particular area of study. After getting all signatures, you will take the EAWS test. The test consists of material referenced in your PQS guide.

EAWS Board

Next comes the EAWS board. You will demonstrate your knowledge to a panel of members who have been chosen to determine if you are ready to become an Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist!

Getting qualified as a warfare specialist is not easy. It's rewarding though and is an important career milestone. Remember, don't get signatures without studying first. You'll be wasting the Warfare Specialist qualifier's time and yours. If you are interested in starting an EAWS Discussion for your command or for an EAWS group, let me know and I'll include a sub-category for the EAWS group you are interested in on the forum. Also, if you know of any EAWS links or have some updated EAWS material you'd like to share please send it my way!

Commander, Naval Air Forces sponsors the Aviation warfare specialist program.




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