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Hone Your Military Shooting Skills

Marksmanship is about safety, training, practice, qualification and for some competition shooting. The Navy focuses on rifle & pistol training even though skeet shooting has gained a foothold among the military, mainly for recreation. Most training in the U.S. Navy is done for combat missions, protection of Naval assets, armed patrols & self-defense. Sailors who wish to pursue small arms training should consider qualifying for the marksmanship ribbons/ medals and the marksmanship team if they are so inclined. Both areas require that you go through your chain of command to participate.

Meeting Other Shooting Enthusiast

If you would like to get together with other pistol, rifle or shotgun enthusiast you post on the forum on this website, contact the Navy shooting team or try locating a local shooting club around your area. The only way to get better is to practice and it is more fun when you meet like minded enthusiast who share your sport.

Ribbons and Medal Qualification

There are two ribbons & two medals Sailors may qualify for as a shooter - rifle and pistol. Qualifications for the ribbon are offered at three levels - marksman, sharpshooter and expert.

A marksmanship ribbon device denotes sharpshooter and expert. The ribbon device for sharpshooter is an “S” while the device for expert is an “E”. The expert level also qualifies the Sailor to wear the Marksmanship Medal.

Competition Shooting

If you are interested in military competition shooting, you should contact the Navy Marksmanship Team. They are the point of contact for entering some competition on a space available entry and also for joining the team. Note that you do not have to join the team to enter some competition. I mention this because we know about mission requirements for some. Regardless, if you are a small arms enthusiast who wants to shoot in practice and competition and or join the team, you should contact them. The camaraderie alone may be worth the effort. And hopefully, one day, we can give the Army a run for their money.

Marksmanship medals and ribbons


  • DD FORM 2760 - Qualification to Possess Firearms or Ammunitions on a Military Installation
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