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One area some Sailors neglect is to keep track of the training they receive while in the Navy. Navy and rate training is kept in your records and can help you with employment and college credits in the future. But sometimes this information is entered incorrectly (sound familiar) or not at all. It is the Sailors duty to keep track of, correct and update those records if needed. This is also a good time to remind supervisors that they should relay this information to their troops which is beneficial in establishing a good office or shop.

In addition to Navy schools, enlisted personnel have an opportunity to continue or start their college education using tuition assistance and Montgomery G.I. Bill if eligible. This is a great way of reducing the cost of going to college which some members join in the first place to save up for college! Planning ahead is the key because this time around the Sailor must schedule their class time around their work schedule – it can be done though and enlisted personnel are encouraged to do so.

For those pursuing an education related to their rate, they may want to visit the Rating & Degree Roadmaps link on this page. This will give you a better idea of what credits you have earned, what college credits you can get in the future and what types of degrees or certificates there are in your field.

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  • Alison - Advanced Learning Interactive Systems Online, considered the first massive open online (free) course (MOOC) provider
  • edX - Free Courses from edX Universities


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