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Aerial Vehicle Operator (AVO) Warrant Officer (WO) Program

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AVO WO Procurement Program

The Aerial Vehicle Operator Warrant Officer Program allows enlisted Sailors an opportunity to operate carrier-based MQ-25 Stingray unmanned aerial vehicles. It also gives them an opportunity to become a warrant officer in the U.S. Navy. NAVADMIN 315/20 describes this new designator which will have roughly 450 warrants in grades W-1 through W-5 in this community.

The designator for that community is 7371 and the community manager for Chief Warrant Officer is BUPERS-319. Please note that this is a unique situation where there is also a community manager for Naval Aviators and Naval Flight Officers in the unrestricted designators.

Navy Recruiting Command is responsible for accepting applications and those accepted into the program will first complete Officer Candidate School in Newport, R.I. After being designated as a Warrant Officer One, the aspirant must complete basic flight training as well as advanced training on the MQ-25 aerial vehicle, or whatever Unmanned Aerial Vehicle comes down the pipeline in the future.

To qualify, a minimum two year Associates Degree is required. Active Duty members accepted as a candidate must obtain an aviation applicant physical exam. ASVAB minimum scores are shown in the Program Authorization 106A document linked below and applicants must provide a written essay explaining their desire to participate in the program. Applicants must also provide a minimum of two reference letters which speak to the candidate's technical acumen and predicted ability to succeed in the program. Applicants must be at least 19 years old and not have passed their 32nd birthday at time of appointment.

Enlisted service members interested in the AVO WO program should contact their career counselor or detailer

Instructions/ Checklist

  • NAVADMIN 141/21 - First Selection Board of the Aerial Vehicle Operator Warrant Officer Community
  • NAVADMIN 315/20 - Establishment of the Aerial Vehicle Operator (AVO) Warrant Officer (WO) Community


  • Designator 7371 Aerial Vehicle Operator (AVO)

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