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Instructions & Messages

  • NTMPS - Your Command must ensure that PMK completion is entered into the database


Sailors E-5 through E-6 must successfully complete PMK-EE in order to be eligible to take the advancement exam. Also, Sailors who advance through the Meritorious Advancement Program are required to complete PMK-EE.

The Professional Military Knowledge Eligibility Exam exam consists of 100 questions covering five topic areas: Leadership and Character, Career Information, Professional Conduct, Naval Heritage, and Seamanship.

Each topic may be taken independently of the other sections, in any order, and not necessarily during the same MNP session. Sailors taking the exam must achieve a passing score of 80 percent or higher in each area to pass the entire exam. Failure to achieve an 80 percent score on a topic will require that topic to be retaken in order to pass.

Study material can be accessed using one of two methods:

Navy e-Learning: Click on the Course Catalog tab. Search for "PMK-EE" in the title column. Enroll in the applicable PMK-EE. Click on the "My Learning" tab and launch PMK-EE.

MyNavy Portal: Click the Career and Life Events drop-down and select Advancement & Promotion. Select Enlisted Advancement from the left column. Click on the PMK-EE link to view the PMK-EE study material. From the PMK-EE study material page, click on the "Click here to go to Navy e-Learning to take your PMK-EE" link at the top of the screen.

The course numbers in Navy e-Learning are:

  • NETPDC-PMK-EE-E5-1.0, for E5
  • NETPDC-PMK-EE-E6-1.0, for E6
  • NETPDC-PMK-EE-E7-1.0, for E7

For additional information about PMK-EE, go to MyNavy Portal (MNP), select Career and Life Events, Advancement and Promotion page, then scroll down and click on the PMK-EE link. There you can download PMK-EE Smart Sheet detailed supplemental guidance.

The PMK-EE help desk can be reached by e-mail: or by phone: (850) 473-6014, DSN 753.

Practice Quizzes

Below are some practice quizzes to you study for the exam. It is best that you download the app and gather your material before trying any practice exams but is only a suggestion.

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