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Make Your Evals Shine

Using Navfit98 can be difficult at times but I've always thought there is something more difficult than using Navfit98 - what to put in your evals. For me, learning a program such as Navfit98 has been easier than remembering what I did throughout the year!

There is a quick and effective way to improve your Navy evaluations though and I'd like to share it with you. You don't even need Navfit to do this - all you have to do is start a word document and write down everything you have done throughout the year.

Throughout the year, as you do things of significance, write it in your brag sheet. Include the date and description of what you did. I usually name the file "brag sheet 2014" or "brag sheet 2015". Get the picture? When it's time to write your evals, you will have had everything written throughout the year. That's when its time to really use Navfit98 and make yourself shine. You would believe the “small” things you forgot only to see it on paper and say “Oh yeah, I did that!”

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Document Your Career!

If you're forgetful like me, you'll be amazed at how much you've accomplished over the year and what you can put on Chiefeval or Navfit! Were you praised for a certain task? Well write it down and include the name of the person who gave you the accolades. Your eval won't say "Chief said I'm a good worker." It will most likely state "Ability to accomplish required task within specified period." But the point is, what you wrote in your brag sheet many months ago will remind that very Chief and yourself of that accomplishment so long ago!

Here's another point to consider. Turning in a printed brag sheet or Navfit rough draft full of details will impress your supervisor or Chief. This will show that you care about your career and professional development. Watch that grammar though! Turning in a carefully drafted sheet will show your writing skills as proof of your writing communication skills. If you compare someone who has turned in a poorly hand written brag sheet with someone who has turned in a detailed sheet, Navfit98a or Chiefeval file then who is the Chief or supervisor going to be more impressed with?


Improve Your Writing Skills if Needed

A needed sidetrack here: If your writing skills aren't up to snuff then it's time to visit your base Navy College Learning Center. Many Naval installations offer basic skills courses and its free. You can also visit the Navy College Center Online and take courses online. Once you've taken a course don't forget to include it in your evals! Oh, and make sure it gets put in your military records. Getting the picture now?

So the main point is whether you are turning in a brag sheet or using Navfit98a or Chiefeval to write your draft, maintaining a record of what you've done will make for more impressive evals.


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