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Military Service Records for Navy Enlisted Personnel


Update Your Navy Records

Your enlisted military service records start when you first join the Navy and follow you after have served in the Military. Your records include career, advancement, pay, education, medical and other areas pertaining to your service in the Armed Forces. Unfortunately these records are located in different departments which makes tracking and correcting your records difficult at times.

One should start verifying their records as soon as they can. For most, your friendly supervisor should be your point of contact on how to check your records. Don't be afraid to ask – everyone who cares about their career has had to learn how to check their records for accuracy. And the sooner you start the better while things are still fresh in your mind.

Supervisor should start dropping the hint to their troops also. Since inaccurate records can impact pay, advancement, qualifications and other areas, being pro-active will alleviate delays that Sailors have encountered. So again, supervisors; consider getting your troops started on checking their records and you too will reap the benefits.

Request, Correct and Submit Changes

Below are resources to help find and request, correct and submit changes to your records. There is an area for the all important veteran's records and below that are resources for active duty and reserves. Of particular interest is information that may be beneficial for those seeking to correct or verify their records for advancement, entry into the various enlisted to officer programs or for those seeking to enter any of the Enlisted Special Programs that are available. It is basically separated into two sections including how to review your records, and then, related resources on accessing those records. If I missed something or there is an error, please let me know.


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