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Preparing to Get Out of the Military

The Transition Assistance Program is now called Transition GPS.

This page offers enlisted Sailors transitioning, or separating, information that is available online. Regardless of your reason for transitioning or separating, you should check to see what benefits you are entitled to and most important, you should check to see that all your records are in order. Everything from medical to education has been documented and you have access to that information and the ability to correct any errors. Failure to fix your records cou ld delay, and make it more difficult to get any benefits that you are entitled to have.

Two areas that deserve attention are any medical conditions that occurred while in the Military and also all training and experience you received while in your rate. For some it can be substantial but for all, regardless of how long you were in, there are documented skill-sets that you attained while in the performance of your duties. This is in additional to all your training including boot camp.

Included on this page is information on how to appeal administrative discharges (see separations) and how to submit updated information to the discharge review board. If applicable, you must submit your information as soon as possible and it is of utmost importance that the information you submit is accurate.


Transition GPS