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Military Spouse

This page is for enlisted Navy spouses but all military spouse are welcome to this website and forum. Most of us know what tremendous sacrifices military spouses make while their significant other is defending our country.

The military recognizes this and tries to compensate spouses through the use of benefits where they can. Any benefits available to spouses and their family should be used to help compensate for the issues they and their family face while their significant other is in the military. The main point is to take advantage of any benefits because you deserve it.

Issues that military spouses face include employment, education, problems with relocation, childcare and other issues related to children, health and more. A concern to many is that since military families may move around, it is harder for spouses to establish a long-term career.

Military Resources

The available resources on this page will hopefully assist spouses that are having those difficulties. It should be noted that they are not alone and that through these resources, they can find services and resources to help make their permanent change of duty station a pleasant and rewarding adventure.

Also remember that you can also contact your Ombudsman or Command Master Chief if available. They are your connection to your spouses military command and are very useful when your Sailor is deployed.



  • MYCAA: - Scholarship for Milspouses
  • MySECO - Search scholarships for Military Spouses and families



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