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Navy Enlisted Career

Your enlisted career encompasses many areas that you should be aware of and manage. To get the most of your Navy career you should keep your records up to date and maintain qualifications in your rate. For example you should ensure all NECs are properly entered in your military records since this could expand your areas of assignments and even pay in some situations.

Also, if you have not taken a detailed look at your evaluations, you should seriously consider setting a time to do that – you could be rewarded with a better set of evals simply by paying attention to detail and setting up some time for yourself!

All sections this area are set up for enlisted active and reserve. If you have any thoughts on how this can be set up better to help your career, drop me a line via the contact link up there. The goal for this page and the entire website is to help your career.

Pay, Benefits, Allowance

Dollar Sign

This area covers pay, bonuses, selective reenlistment bonuses, BAH, DFAS and other related allowance.

Awards, Uniform, and Grooming


Topics in this area include uniform, awards and grooming. Includes photos of uniforms and the history of awards (heraldry)

Detailing, Relocation Assistance, Assignments, PCS Orders


Area for Career Waypoint, detailing, assignments, travel, lodging, shipment of house-hold goods, relocation assistance and related.

Separations, Transition Assistance & ERB


An area for enlisted retention board, transition assistance, separations and other stuff for those preparing to get out of the Navy.

College Education and Navy Training


This section includes military schools, college programs, other training programs, Montgomery G.I. Bill, tuition assistance and education related topics.

Navy Enlisted Programs, Augmentation, Language & other Special Programs


Area for special programs that are not covered in other areas, augmentation, foreign language & culture, Navy Seals, Blue Angels, etc.

Military & Electronic Records


This area covers electronic service records and military records related.

Enlisted Evaluations

Education Information about enlisted Navy evaluations (Evals), Chiefeval and Navfit.

Physical Readiness Test (PRT)


All things about PRT, your health, excersize and the Physical Readiness Program

Enlisted Warfare Specialist

Enlisted Warfare Specialist

This portal brings warfare program links and study material for EAWS, FMF, ESWS and other warfare programs.