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Active duty and Reserves

Improving your Career

Please note that items and discussions on this page are more closely related to career development that will help you advancement. For example you want to do well on your PRT so that it reflects positively in your evals. And no doubt, you want to make sure your records are up-to-date, and free of errors. Don't forget to maintain qualifications for your rate and rank such as the enlisted warfare specialist qualification. Getting behind in qualifications will negatively impact your career.

If you have time, use your tuition assistance to further your education. Not only does it look good in your records, it is something you can use when you get out of the military. Also, if you have not taken a detailed look at your Navy evaluations, you should seriously consider setting a time to do that – you could be rewarded with a better set of evals simply by paying attention to detail.

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Maintain Your Readiness

You should strive to maintain your physical readiness and maintain an above average PRT score. This is the same for your uniform, keep it in tip-top shape and stand out from the crowd. Start your detailing process early if you are changing your command. This will show your gaining command that you are mature and will be an asset. Look into special assignments that could boost your enlisted career such as the Blue Angels.

All sections this area are set up for enlisted active and reserve. If you have any thoughts on how this can be set up better to help your career, drop me a line via the contact link up there. The goal for this page and the entire website is to help your career.

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