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Enlisted Information Warfare Specialist (EIWS) Study Guide


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Commander, Naval Information Forces (NAVIFOR) is the sponsor of the EIWS program and COMNAVIFOR INSTRUCTION 1414.1A (link below) details the program expansion and update. NAVIFOR reviews & identifies qualification standards for the program. This program focuses on Information Dominance Corps personnel comprised of aerographer's mate (AG), cryptologic technician (CT), intelligence specialist (IS) and information systems technician (IT) ratings.

IDC Sailors (AG, IS, CT and IT) may enroll in the program at any command with an established EIWS program. All eligible Sailors in those rates are encouraged to enroll in this program to enhance their professional development and increase their warfighting capabilities and expertise in information dominance.

Shipboard personnel attached to commands without a program may enroll and qualify via an approved program within their strike group, amphibious readiness group (ARG) or task force. If not assigned to a strike group, ARG or task force, shipboard IDC personnel may enroll at any reasonably accessible approved EIWS program. Primary command personnel qualification standards (PQS) and warfare qualifications, based on command function, must be obtained prior to authorization to enroll in an EIWS program.