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Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

These books may provide reading that may be of interest to enlisted sailors, veterans and family. Included are selected books from the CNO's Navy Reading Program. The other books are popular with sailors in topics related to career, leadership, fitness, diet and Navy Seals among others.

The Bluejackets Manual (United States Navy 25th Edition)

The Bluejacket's Manual (United States Navy 25th Edition) is the basic handbook for United States Navy personnel. First issued in 1902, it has become the "bible" for Navy personnel, providing information about a wide range of Navy topics.

Chief Petty Officer's Guide, 2nd Edition (Blue & Gold)

Second edition has been written to serve as the "companion guide" to Chief Petty Officer (CPO) development processes and tools such as CPO 365, CPO mess training, the Senior Enlisted Academy, and books and articles written for and about the CPO mess.

1812: The Navy's War

When war broke out between Britain and the United States in 1812, America's prospects looked dismal. British naval aggression made it clear that the ocean would be the war's primary...

Ask the Chief: Backbone of the Navy

Whenever sailors are confronted with 'unsolvable' problems--be it a fouled anchor or paint that won't dry--they often throw up their hands and exclaim, 'We'd better ask the Chief.' That refrain, heard for generations throughout the Navy, is the theme for Jack Leahy's newest book. Written at sea, his book provides a compelling picture of the Chief Petty Officer's community in the U.S. Navy.

Leadership 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know

In Leadership 101, Maxwell will teach you how to:
- Follow your vision
- Produce a lasting legacy
- Grow the loyalty of your followers
- Increase your ability to influence others
- Determine your leadership "lid"
- Empower others through mentoring
- Create a foundation of trust

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