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Make Sure You Get Your Study Material

Items on this page are taken from the bibs and can be used to help study for the advancement exam. You will have to go to your command for classified material. Some items are difficult to locate but you should check with your division Chief or supervisor about the availability of those materials.

Try to get your study material early and get organized on how you will study your references. A good option is to study your weak areas first and move up the ladder - it is a long-term investment so do expect to make it the first time up.

If you find a reference that you think may be useful for others, please contact me or post it in the forum.

Bibliography Posting Schedule

Remember that bibliographies are exam specific. The rating subject matter experts tie reference material to each question when they verify the content. Those references are compiled when exams are built, and the accumulative reference listing is what makes an exam bibliography.

There is no better source to prepare for an exam than your bibliography. Another important factoid about bibliographies is that the Navy-wide Advancement Exam (NWAE) biblipgraphy is different than the Substitute exam's bibliopgraphy.

Bibliography Posting Schedule
Pay Grade/ Component BIB Posted Exam Month
E7 Active July Jan
E7 Reserve Aug Feb
E5/E6 Active Apr Sept
Oct Mar
E5/E6 Reserve Mar Aug
Sept Feb
Major Pubs
  • BUPERSINST - Index of effective BUPERS Instructions & Notices

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