Enlisted Warfare Specialist Programs


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The Navy enlisted warfare qualifications give Sailors an opportunity to become knowledgeable in the platforms that they serve and also give them the big picture of why they do the specific jobs they have been assign to do in the Navy. Of course it also designates the member as warfare qualified for their specific platform. Qualified members can wear the applicable insignias and use the designator in their title.

Provided on this page are links that will hopefully assist you in getting qualified for your particular platform or community. Researching and studying warfare material for your particular community can take time. Sometimes group sessions can really help especially when there are various rates that can add to the particular qualification studies. The reward though is valuable not only in the qualification but the knowledge you attain in gaining that designation.

Each qualification program has a warfare sponsor that delineates prerequisites, procedures for qualification, re-qualification, disqualification, and failure to qualify within a program.

If you are aware of additional resources please contact me with the 411.

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