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Seeking Other Military Duties

There may be a special program for you - no really. Sometimes enlisted Sailors want a change of pace away from their rate and volunteer for special duties or programs. In some situations enlisted personnel can earn an NEC and others, end up in harms way. While some programs are not for everyone, enlisted have a great opportunity to excel and shine in a different arena.

One thing that these programs do have in common is that volunteers are need to fill these vital billets. Some also have qualification standards or specific criteria so not all may qualify. Regardless, you should take a look at these programs if you are looking for a change of pace and prepare to give it your all. You want to ensure that whatever billet you fill, especially if it is a unique one, that your evaluations reflect your time in that billet as exemplary and an example for other to emulate.


  • MILPERSMAN 1306-900 - Assignment Of Enlisted Personnel To Special Programs
  • NAVPERS 1306/7 - Enlisted Personnel Action Request
  • NAVPERS 1306/92 - Special Program Screening Form
  • DoD Safe - Secure Access File Exchange is a service to make it easy for you to exchange unclassified files

Applying to an Enlisted Program

Most enlisted special programs will have a MILPERSMAN detailing that program. If not, it will have program information on MyNavy HR. The first point of contact should be your detailer. NAVPERS 1306/7 will have to be submitted to request a program. You will then be screened which requires that you submit NAVPERS 1306/92.

Enlisted Programs List

These are special programs for enlisted personnel that are listed numerically by MILPERSMAN. Some special programs do not have a MILPERSMAN so they are listed first as "Non MILPERSMAN." Since there are many programs, they have been listed in groups of 20 on two pages.

Navy Food Management Teams (NFTMs) - MILPERSMAN 1306-901
Regional Maintenance Center (RMC)/ Ship Repair Facility (SRF) Program - MILPERSMAN 1306-902
Brig/Transient Personnel Unit (TPU)/transient Personnel Detachment (TPD) Staff - MILPERSMAN 1306-904
Command Career Counselor Program - MILPERSMAN 1306-905
Naval Intelligence Support Center - MILPERSMAN 1306-906
Navy Ceremonial Guard - MILPERSMAN 1306-907
Seabee Underwater Construction Technician (UCT) Program - MILPERSMAN 1306-912
Flag Writer (NEC A15A) - MILPERSMAN 1306-913
Military Assistance Advisory Groups (MAAGS), Military Groups, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Commands, Joint Staffs, Attache’ (Embassy) Duty - MILPERSMAN 1306-914
Professional Development Instructor (PDI) - MILPERSMAN 1306-915
Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor and Intern - MILPERSMAN 1306-916
Navy Command Climate Specialist - MILPERSMAN 1306-917
Naval Support Unit, State Department - MILPERSMAN 1306-918
USS Constitution - MILPERSMAN 1306-920
Mobile Utilities Support Equipment (MUSE) Program - MILPERSMAN 1306-924
Joint Staff Duty with Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) - MILPERSMAN 1306-926
Navy Harbor Pilot Program - MILPERSMAN 1306-927
Navy Manpower Analysis Center (NAVMAC) - MILPERSMAN 1306-929
Historic Ship Nautilus (SSN 571) - MILPERSMAN 1306-930
Navy Absentee Collection and Information Center (NACIC) - MILPERSMAN 1306-931
Nuclear Trained Personnel Assigned to Nuclear Capable Intermediate Maintenance Activities (IMA) - MILPERSMAN 1306-934
Command Master Chief (CMC) Program - MILPERSMAN 1306-935
Advancement Examination Developer And Military Exam Leader - MILPERSMAN 1306-936
Flag/Staff Duty for Mess Management Specialists - MILPERSMAN 1306-937
White House Communications Agency (WHCA) - MILPERSMAN 1306-939
Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) Training and Support Personnel - MILPERSMAN 1306-940
USS Arizona Memorial - MILPERSMAN 1306-942
Mobile Environmental Teams (METs) - MILPERSMAN 1306-943
Naval Special Warfare Mobile Communication Teams (MCT) - MILPERSMAN 1306-944
Flag Officer (STAFF) Duty - MILPERSMAN 1306-945
Navy Tugmaster Program - MILPERSMAN 1306-946
Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) Fleet Assistance Teams - MILPERSMAN 1306-947
Commander Naval Air Forces (CNAF) Aviation Maintenance Management Team (AMMT) - MILPERSMAN 1306-948

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