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Entitled Benefits

Retirees and veterans who have serve in the United States Navy are entitled to benefits as compensation for serving their country. Benefits include health, retirement pay, employment, education and much more. Sometimes it may be a little difficult getting to these benefits but there are offices willing to assist you. Additionally you can use the enlisted forum on this website to help you if you are seeking assistance.

For some there may be state benefits available but you have to seek them out. There is information available on this page for state benefits and also veteran office locations by state. It is a sure bet that your local office will know what state benefits are available if any. Additionally spouses of deceased veterans may use these contacts to help them during their time of need.

Updating Your Records

For those receiving a retirement check you want to ensure your DEERS is up to date with the correct contact information. The bottom line is that you want your records to be up-to-date. The PSD locator on this page will steer you to your nearest PSD office. Before visiting PSD make sure you find out their hours of operation and what days that they are open for the particular service you are seeking. For example some offices do not have I.D. Card services five days a week but instead provide this service only on particular days. It would benefit you to contact them and find out those hours. Unfortunately, I am speaking from experience.

Speaking of I.D. Card services, you should also find out what documents are required prior to your visit to PSD. Please note that with post 9/11 identification, paper requirements for some services are more stringent. You can save yourself yet another trip to PSD by knowing those requirements. Armed with that knowledge, that is knowing their hours of operations, what days they are open for particular services and what documents you will need, will make your visit less stressful and you may save on gas with fewer visits.

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  • RAPIDS Appointment Scheduler - allows individuals to schedule their own appointment for obtaining a Department of Defense identification card at participating issuance offices.

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