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The Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Enlisted Warfare Specialist qualification is earned by Navy enlisted members assigned orders to the Fleet Marine Force of the U.S. Marine Corps. These are usually corpsmen, dental technicians and religious program specialist.

Instructions allow medical and dental treatment facility personnel assigned to operational platforms augmenting these commands to participate in the program. Additionally, all full time support personnel assigned to Marine Forces Reserve commands can participate in this program. The insignia device is a silver metal device depicting the eagle, globe and anchor atop two crossed rifles on a background of ocean swells breaking on a sandy beach.

OPNAV Instruction 1414.9B outlines the requirements for qualification and designation as a Fleet Marine Force Specialist and Surgeon General of the Navy (CNO (N093)) is the sponsor for this program.

Note: Please do not confuse the enlisted program with the Marine officer program. You will be studying the wrong qualification.

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  • The Surgeon General of the Navy (CNO (N093)), serves as the FMF enlisted warfare specialist program manager.

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