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Page Two

Page two of Special Programs

This is page two of special programs for enlisted Sailors.

Landing Craft, Air Cushion (LCAC) - MILPERSMAN 1306-949
Marine Helicopter Squadron One (HMX 1)(Nighthawks) - MILPERSMAN 1306-950
Instructor Duty - MILPERSMAN 1306-953
Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Instructor - MILPERSMAN 1306-955
Naval Reserve Instructor Duty - MILPERSMAN 1306-956
Nuclear Propulsion Training Activities - MILPERSMAN 1306-957
Academic Remedial Training (ART) Instruction Duty - MILPERSMAN 1306-958
Afloat Training Groups (ATGs) - MILPERSMAN 1306-959
Instructor Duty at Field Medical Service Schools (FLDMEDSERVSCOLs) - MILPERSMAN 1306-960
Cryptologic Technician Interpreter (CTI) Language Instructor Candidates - MILPERSMAN 1306-961
Instrumental Instructor Duty at Navy School of Music - MILPERSMAN 1306-962
Recruiting Duty - MILPERSMAN 1306-964
Career Recruiter Force (CRF) - 1306-965
Enlisted Rating Detailer - MILPERSMAN 1306-966
Camp David (Naval Support Facility, Thurmont, MD) - MILPERSMAN 1306-968
Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE) - MILPERSMAN 1306-970
Apprentice Military Environment (AME) Instructor Duty - MILPERSMAN 1306-971
Patrol Coastal (PC) Crew - MILPERSMAN 1306-972
Navy Provisional Guard Battalion (CUBA) - MILPERSMAN 1306-973
Naval Special Warfare Meteorology and Oceanography Support Teams (NSW METOC) - MILPERSMAN 1306-975
Enlisted Musician (MU) Assignments To Navy Preferentially Staffed Bands – U.S. Navy Band; Washington, DC; and Naval Academy Band, Annapolis, Md - MILPERSMAN 1306-976
Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) - MILPERSMAN 1306-978
Recruitment/Assignment to Commander, Naval Special - MILPERSMAN 1306-979
Navy Interactive ON-NET (ION) Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) Operator Certification Program - MILPERSMAN 1306-980
Assignment of Nuclear Trained Master Chief Petty Officers (MCPOs) as Reactor Department Master Chief (RDMC)/Engineering Department Master Chief (EDMC) in CVN 65 - MILPERSMAN 1306-982
Medical Deep Sea Diving / Fleet Marine Force Reconnaissance Corpsman Programs - MILPERSMAN 1306-983
Naval Special Warfare Command (NAVSPECWARCOM) Tactical Information Operations (TIO) Program - MILPERSMAN 1306-984
United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) - MILPERSMAN 1306-985
Qualification for Assignment to Naval Special Warfare Support Activity Duty - MILPERSMAN 1306-986
Instructor Duty at Medical Education and Training Campus (METC) - MILPERSMAN 1306-987
Assignment to Navy Information Operations Command (NIOC) Maryland - Fleet Information Operations Center (FIOC) Special Projects/Sea Duty (UIC 48549) and National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) Special Projects/Sea Duty (UIC) 48547) - MILPERSMAN 1306-989