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Your Privacy

Here at I respect your privacy as jealously as I want my privacy respected. I will never know who you are unless you tell me! The information I gather through my web statistics is used to improve This information includes search engines used to find my web, type of browser, keywords, pages visited, domains and other information that will help me better design my web, and add or change pages depending on what you are looking for.

Your E-mail

The only time I will use your e-mail is if you contact me or if you register in the discussion group. Attempts have been made to fraud me and my visitors so I must use some form of control to guard our privacy. I do not, and never will share your e-mail, name, rate or any other information with any third party regardless if they are reputable or not. Again, I want your privacy respected as much as I want my privacy respected.

Beware of Third Party's Tracking

Please remember, third parties may track your movement, IP address or whatever and I have no control over what others do. Some of the more unscrupulous parasites include,, Huntbar, IEPlugin and more. You can view a list of these scumbuckets at and Please - beware of what you download!

Navy Discussion

Please know that when using the forum, any information disclosed on the forum becomes public information so you should exercise caution with any information you post. Many time if I'm not sure about the safety of a web site that I visit I will use an "alias" name. You are more than welcome to use an alias on my forum when you post a comment or question. However, you must know that your IP address is tracked and this helps me when people get abusive. This is done mainly to help you while browsing the the forum, for example keeping track of what you have read already.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns regarding your privacy. I want your visit to to be a pleasant one and as a member of the U.S. Navy I want this to be your home on the web!