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PMK Study Guide

The Professional Military Knowledge (PMK) portion of the advancement exam reinforces the objectives of the Leadership Training Continuum, Navy Military Training, and General Military Training. Much of your study material for the Professional Military Knowledge portion of the exam will come from Basic Military Requirements (BMR) and Military Requirement courses. Your Bibs will outline what portion of these courses you need to study.

Your Basic Requirements aren't the only source for your professional studies. As a matter of fact, the Navy Advancement Center states that your nonresident training courses provide the minimum basic knowledge needed for your studies. It further mentions, "The nonresident training courses (NRTC) may be a place to start your study, but it is definitely not the place to end it."

To differentiate yourself and become an expert you must seek other sources of study. Other PMK study resources include, Navy Knowledge Online, E-Learning, Leadership Training Continuum course, Navy Military Training, General Military Training, and your supervisor or division Chief. Most PMK related web sites have presentations, download-able material or online courses that you can take. And of course other courses are in a classroom environment. Make sure you enroll in those classes and make sure you pay attention to the instructor, they're the professional for that subject!

A good idea, if you are in a class such as the Leadership Training Continuum is to look at your bibs and PMK requirements and see what will be taught in class that is related to the Professional Military Knowledge portion of your exam! You can take notes and ask questions to expand your knowledge in that area of study.