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For most enlisted Sailors, active or reserve, maintaining a tip top set of uniforms and consistently maintaining above average grooming standards is a visual cue to supervisors & the chain of command that you are dedicated to your career. This helps with evaluations and commands respect for those that may work under that Sailor's command. Sailors who want to take it a step above and beyond should strive to be knowledgeable about regulations, standards and the history of awards and uniforms.

Task Force Uniform News provides the latest regulation news that you may want to watch. The Navy is more keen these days on soliciting input from Enlisted Sailors so if you are ask to provide some input please do. This will ensure that you have a say in the quality and design of your uniform you will wear.

It's true when they say a picture is worth a thousand words. With that said, The Navy has available photos of Sailors wearing the latest uniforms. Not only should you take a peek (the link is located on this page) but if you are in charge of Sailors, you should show them those pictures too. If they look good you look good.

Navy Working Uniform Video