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Welcome to the Navy enlisted website for active duty, reserve, veterans, retired, spouses, family, loved ones & friends! I have gathered resources to help enlisted Sailors and family navigate to their destination on the internet safer and more efficiently. Links and resources are broken down by categories including Navy Advancement, Enlisted to Officer, Navy Career, Navy Spouse, Transitioning, and Navy Assets (Bases). Below is a brief description of these categories that you may browse to see if I have what you need. If you have any suggestions on any particular category, please contact me with your suggestion.

Navy Advancement

Enlisted Navy Advancement

The Navy Advancement category covers E-4 through E-6 exams and results, the Chief's board, and PMK and rate specific material. Included is information on the Bibliography for Advancement in rate or Bibs for short. The forum sometimes may have an enlisted group waiting for the release of the advancement exam, or board results to see if the candidate has made Chief or not.

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Enlisted to Officer

Navy Officer

The enlisted to officer category provides information for enlisted Sailors who would like to join the officer ranks. There are several enlisted to officer programs for you to look at such as LDO & CWO, Seaman to Admiral, Medical Enlisted Commissioning, Medical Service Corps Program and information on admissions to the Naval Academy.

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Enlisted Career

Navy Enlisted Career

Enlisted career is a broad topic that encompasses many areas as an enlisted Sailor. Topics such as pay, PCS orders, special programs, college & training, evaluations, uniform, awards, service records, enlisted retention board, and other areas can affect the career advancement of enlisted Sailors. Benefits such as the Montgomery G.I. Bill and bonuses are something enlisted should be aware of and up to date. And matters such as detailing and PCS orders should be looked at as soon as the window opens for negotiating orders.

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Enlisted Spouse


Enlisted spousal support and information is provided for those whose spouses are away on orders and Chief selectee and enlisted to officer spouses. The command's Ombudsman or Master Chief can be contacted if there are matters of importance such as a need to contact your spouse if they are away. If you are unsure, contact either one anyway - they will be happy to help.

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Veterans & Retirees


Thank you for serving! You should ensure you receive all the benefits you are entitled to by making sure you know what those benefits are. This area is for Vets and retired alike.

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Navy Bases & Assets

Navy Bases

This covers installations in the United States and Overseas. In addition there may be other assets covered.

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Rifle & Pistol Marksmanship, Training and Qualification


An area for enlisted Sailors, veterans, reserve, spouses and family to get information on pistol, rifle & shotgun, marksmanship, techniques, equipment and safety.

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Medical Benefits, Tricare, Limited Duty, Disability


An area for medical benefits, limited duty, disability and Tricare.

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