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For sailors, getting an education or college degree in the Navy can be difficult sometimes given the hours we work and the tours we do. There is hope however and the Navy does everything possible to assist you in getting that college degree or certificate. For starters, Navy E-learning offers free training courses. Some of these Navy courses may help you get a certificate as you pursue your education. The Navy's tuition assistance and Montgomery G.I. Bill are other valuable education asset in your Navy tool box for college or certificates.

Whether you decide to go back to college, get a certificate or sharpen your skills or other education, the Navy is here to help. The most important thing you must know though is that you have to be persistent while in the Navy. A college course here and there even once in a while will do the trick in progressing to your ultimate education goal.

And only you will know what it is you want to achieve while in the Navy whether it be a college degree or certificate or both! Don't forget to check out the tuition assistance program or any other education benefits before you start any educational courses. You can go to your Navy College Center for further information on Navy education.

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A degree in business administration covers many occupations and industries, in fact most medium to large companies employ personnel with business degrees to operate, administer and conduct business.

This degree has many core concentrations such as accounting, economics, financial management, human resource management, management information systems, marketing, operations management organizational behavior and quantitative techniques. These concentrations allow the student to gain knowledge in the administration functions of specific industries or offices within a business or industry.

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An example of enlisted Navy personnel who could benefit from this degree include but is not limited to Aviation Maintenance Administrationman, Logistics Specialist, Mass Communication Specialist, Navy Counselor, Personnel Specialist and Yeoman.

This program also could assist those thinking about the officer to enlisted program which compliments any NECs obtained. This program is also an excellent choice for those going up for Chief and for those who are retiring. Most accredited schools accept the Montgomery G.I. Bill for this area of studies.

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