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Medical Benefits, Tricare, Disability Compensation and Limited Duty

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Your Navy Benefits

Medical benefits in the Navy are given to active duty and retired personnel who have served 20 years in the military. Benefits are also extended to spouses and children to the age of 21 or 23 if they are in college. Reservists called to active duty for more than 30 days are also eligible for these benefits as well as their dependents.


Tricare is the medical benefits program used to pay for these benefits. There are three options to Tricare – Prime, Extra and Standard. Eligible members should choose their option carefully and seek advice if they are not sure what option is the best for them and their family. Medical benefits for active duty and retired are usually a better deal than what is in the civilian world so members should take full advantage of that benefit.

Limited Duty

Limited duty is when a member is unable, due to medical conditions, to perform their duties in full capacity as a military member. There are two types of limited duty – Temporary Limited Duty (TLD) and Permanent Limited Duty (PLD). TLD is the more common type where the member has a temporarily medical condition such as broken leg and returns back to full duty when the medical condition no longer exists. PLD is the lesser used type that allows a member to continue on active duty at a limited capacity. Regardless of the type, members should make sure that all pertinent facts regarding their injury or disease is recorded in their medical records.

Disability Compensation

This compensation is a benefit given to members who have been impaired due to injury or disease that occurred while the member was on active duty. Payment is based on a scale of 10% to 100% of pay. If you have dependents, an additional allowance can be added if the disability rate is 30% or higher.

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