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Enlisted Forum Guidelines


1. This is a privately funded forum and its members part of an exclusive club. As such, the guidelines that members agree to abide by are not debatable and permanent membership is not guaranteed. Also, I do not have to have a rule for everything since common decency, courtesy, and respect are the norm in this forum. "Respect and You Shall be Respected"

2. Do not advertise on this forum, I pay for everything here.

Do not promote your or other websites or companies by name or link - I do not advertise for them. For example, I do not advertise for Facebook or Navy Times.

Official Navy websites such as NPC are okay. (If it ends in .mil, it is okay)

3. Do not set guidelines, rules or otherwise dictate how you think this board should be run.

Member's News

4. Do not falsely post that the results are out. This will result in a ban. Also, do not mislead people into believing the results are out or that they should check BOL. If you try to agitate the crowd, particularly while waiting for the release of the results with comments such as "I HAVE BAD NEWS!!!!" "CHECK BOL TOMORROW!!!" or in any way attempt to get a reaction out of other members or guest; you are out of here.

5. No bad words or bypassing the bad word filter.

6. Please post in the correct category.

7. If requested, please stay on-topic, if you want to talk about something else just start a new topic!

8. Members should avoid double posting.

9. Members should avoid the use of all CAPITAL LETTERS in posts. That is considered shouting.

10. When quoting a previous post, only include the relevant portion of that post. If you don't know how to edit the quote, don't worry about it

11. Signatures on forums should not cause clutter. People get frustrated as they scroll down and the signature is larger than the response

12. Do not post any copyrighted material.

13. Do not link an image that resides on another website. That is called hotlinking or bandwidth stealing.

14. Please, only one account per person and only that person may post on this forum. Do not give your account to someone else or represent yourself as another user.

15. If you get suspended or are asked to cease certain behavior and then go in the active thread and post a complaint or comment about that action, you are gone.

16. Besides gaining knowledge or help, this forum is for venting - but not at my expense or the expense of other members.

17. If someone posts something that is not within the guidelines, please do not reply to that post or "Like" or "Thank", or otherwise encourange that individual who broke the guidelines.

18. If another member is suspended or banned do not post or email me in that person's defense. It is non of your concern.

19. And of course, be courteous to other forum members.

"Respect and you shall be respected"
I'd like all visitors to feel comfortable when visiting and posting on the forum so welcome and post away! Also, remember that spouse, family, retired, veterans and other loved ones are welcome here too.