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Fishing Resources for the Avid Angler


This page brings you, the avid angler, resources for making your fishing trip more enjoyable. Links to relevant weather, moon phases and other quick links are at your ready to plan your fishing trip. It also includes some of the basics such as knots you may find useful. There is a lot to learn but that too can be fun.

Currently the concentration of this information is for the Virginia Beach and South Hampton Roads area and is geared towards our military guys and gals but all are welcome. As time permits and the section grows, the pages will be broken down by relevant categories with more detail. The biggest factor will be the time I have to build the pages along with the knowledge I gain over time. Input is always welcome.

Catch a Fish

Successful fishing requires knowing the basics of rod & reels, lines, lures, baits, fish behavior, weather patterns, seasonal changes and other things that help determine when, where and how to catch a fish. Probably the biggest factor is knowing where to fish but let's talk about equipment first.

Fishing Equipment

To make your life easier, you want to get the right fishing equipment for the style of fishing you will be doing. The best recommendation is to get what you need a little at a time. When you go fishing, take note of what you need for your style of fishing, comfort and fun.

Rod, Reel & Line

For those just starting, you want a bait casting or spinning rod and reel combination. For my purposes, I will mostly talk about spinning reels since that is what I use. I have heard people use from 6 to 20 lb. fishing line depending on where they are fishing and the weight of the lures. If you are starting off, monofilament line is a good choice. I use anywhere from 6lb to 17lb test line depending on the weight of the lures. If you are going to do some saltwater fishing then you may need heavier rod & reels and line. Probably the worst thing you can do is get a rod & reel combo that is too heavy for the type of fishing you are doing.

Tackle Box

To keep your equipment organized, you should get a nice sized tackle box or bag. Keep in mind how you are going to use it and how much tackle you'll be carrying. If you plan on doing a lot of walking, a backpack style tackle bag makes a lot of sense. If you will only be on the docks or backyard then a tackle box works perfect.


To get you started, keep handy a pair of needle nose pliers, a pair of scissors and a pair of hemostats or other hook removal tool. That's it to get you started. Wait to you do some fishing before you get more stuff such as a fish scale or other equipment. That way you are better informed when you go shopping for these items!


So with these basic, I wish you a bountiful catch. As I mentioned above, I may continue to expand this page as time permits and your input is always welcome.

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