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105 Avionics & Electrical - F/A-18 Hornet

105.1 State the difference between a barometric and radar altimeter.

1) BAROMETRIC ALTIMETER - uses pitot-static pressure to indicate altitude above sea level.

a) the scale for barometric altimeter starts at 29.92 inches in mercury

2) RADAR ALTIMETER - uses radio echoes to determine altitude above ground level. (Terrain)

105.2 Define the following terms:

1) AZIMUTH - Angle of position of bearing. (measured clockwise).

2) BEARING - Angle of position of object.

3) RANGE - distance to the target or station.

4) HEADING - the direction you are pointing.

1) True heading - direction measured by true north.

2) Magnetic direction - direction based on the 360-azimuth circle going counter clockwise (with the 0/360-azimuth radial aligned with magnetic north).

3) Relative direction - uses the current direction that an object is facing as the 0/360-azimuth alignment.