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EAWS VFA Specific Study Guide for the F/A-18 Hornet

This F/A-18 Hornet specific Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist study guide should help you get started in your VFA specific EAWS studies. To get the EAWS core tutorial please visit Navy Knowledge Online.

When you start your VFA specific studies make sure you get some help from those squadron experienced F/A-18 sailors, they have a lot of wealth and experience when it comes to the F/A-18. The F-18 pilots can help you with some of the EAWS sections like Operations or Warfare Mission Areas. The Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist PQS can be downloaded at this link. I wish you good luck in your VFA specific EAWS studies.

Make sure you study the material before getting signatures. It's important to know the material before the qualified Warfare Specialist asks questions. This will help you reinforce what you've learned before taking the test.

If you are aware of additional resources please contact me with the link