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This page has the Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS) and Fleet Marine Force Warfare Specialist (FMF) links to assist you in you in the Enlisted Warfare Specialist program. If you know of any other links please let me know.

After getting approved for the your program you should be given the Warfare Specialist PQS manuals. If you aren't given the manuals you can download them from CNET. The link is provided to the right. There are many resources to study for the Enlisted Warfare Specialist program online but the best resource will be your fellow sailors.

Remember though you want to study up on your ESWS topic before you get that signature, otherwise you will be wasting the qualifiers time - and yours when you go up for the board. Try to read up and memorize the topic that you happen to be studying.

You'll be able to download and print most ESWS topics especially items like ships and systems. As a matter of fact you'll be able to get more information than required. For me the best parts are the pictures since its easier for me to associate what I've memorized with a picture since many systems are unfamiliar to me.

If you know of any other ESWS or FMF links please let me know and don't forget to use my News & Discussion page if you have any questions or comments! I'm looking for Seabee Combat Warfare study guides in particular.

In the Misc. section I have related links, mainly about U.S. Navy ships. This may assist you in getting the ESWS material you need. Remember, the gouge is good but if you can get your ESWS material from different sources you will set a good impression at the ESWS board. Supplementing your knowledge on U.S. Navy ships will also enhance yourself in other areas beyond ESWS!

FMF - Fleet Marine Force

FMF Warfare Specialist Study Guide

FMF qualification Program (OPNAVINST 1414.4)

FMF Warfare Program

• Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships

• Navy Shipboard Combat Systems

Military Analysis Network description of military weapons, ships aircrafts etc.

US Navy Ships

Naval Aircraft Inventory

• All Hands Warfare Pins & Badges

The U.S. Navy Ships - Allhands

ESWS - Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist

• King's & Pecci's ESWS core tutorial

• Lewis, Girimonte, and King's LHD specific Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist Tutorial

Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist Study Guide

ESWS Qualification Program OPNAV 1414.1D


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