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Welcome to Navy Medals and Ribbons Store! We bring you the best in ribbons, medals, badges, insignia and more. In addition to the Navy medals and ribbons store I have links to the latest instructions related to ribbons, medals, uniform regulations, awards, ribbons and medals order of precedence and also citations. If I’m missing a link, let me know.

If you are a career Sailor, it’s a good idea to keep your uniform, medals and ribbons and accessories in top shape. Your uniform is a reflection of you and your command and others do take notice of sharp looking uniforms. It also reflects on your evaluations and you know how important it is to keep a good set of evals.


Navy Medals

Miniature Medals

Mini Medal Holders


Dog Tags - steel, notched, tag silencers and chains

Belt Buckles - Colored, anytime baby, Seals, Seabees American heroe buckles

Gift & Accesorries


Navy Flags - also car
window flags

Military Flags

USA Antenna Flags

POW-MIA Antenna Flag


Navy Ribbons

Ribbon Devices

Ribbons Holder

Clothing Accesories

Face Masks

Gloves & Scarves

Underwear - including thermal

Military Jackets

Navy Letters Blue Satin Baseball Jacket

Navy Pea Coat

Field Jackets and Liners

Alpha Jackets

Badges & Insignia

U.S. Navy Enlisted Insignia

U.S. Navy Badges

Military Rings

Pins, Tags & Stickers

Military Pins

U.S. Navy Pins - USN Petty Officer, family, wife, son and daughter pins

Lapel Ribbon Pins

License Plate Frames

Includes high quality medals, ribbons & more for all branches of the military. If you know what standing in line at the uniform shop can be you will appreciate ordering your military medals, ribbons and other uniform accessories from the convenience of your computer!

Thank you for visiting the Medals and Ribbons store!

Essential Links

SECNAV 1650.1H Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual

Navy Department Awards Web Services (NDAWS)

• Navy Awards Precedence Chart

Department of Defense Enlisted Rank Insignias - comparative view of other military rank & Insignia.

• OPNAV NOTICE 5400 - Standard Naval Distribution List (SNDL)

Uniform Regulations

Manual of Military Decorations and Awards: General Information, Medal of Honor, and Defense/Joint Decorations and Awards

Military awards of the United States Department of the Navy

Awards and decorations of the United States military

Military Records

Evals & brag sheet

more uniform items

Ball Caps

Ball Caps



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